Fall Women’s Conference 2013

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Nyla Henry:

Brought up in a Christian family in New Brunswick, as a young woman Nyla followed God’s call to Quebec, where she was involved in church planting and started to teach school. After eighteen years, the call led west to Kamloops for three years and then to Fruitvale, where she has co-pastored with her husband Bryan and taught school on call for fifteen years. Nyla has one married son, and she is looking forward to being a grandmother in a couple of months.

Wendy Abrey:

Wendy was born and raised here in the Kootenays. She moved to the Okanagan and later to further her education went to Calgary, where she met and married her husband Jim. Wendy is thrilled to share that they have just celebrated 30 years together.

It was through her husband’s family that she dared lower her “walls,” allowing the love of Christ to enter and melt one very icy heart. Wendy will share how the tragedies and the traumas of her young life made this conversion one interesting journey. Now, she lives for Jesus and Jim.

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