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While much money has been pledged to the reconstruction of Haiti, little has been accomplished due to complicated government issues, land disputes, and red tape. Haitians are living in tent cities in despicable conditions, cholera has claimed many lives. In response, we have joined the housing initiative program called “Each one Build one”. Kootenay Christian Fellowship, Nelson has partnered with Haiti Arise, a Haitian humanitarian organization, to build 1000 homes in 2011.

Pastor Jim Reimer of Kootenay Christian Fellowship along with 17 Mount Sentinel students experienced the Jan 11th earthquake escaping the destruction of that day. Jim returned to Haiti with a team 6 months later to find little done. He came back with a commitment to help these disfranchised people. For $5000 a Haitian family can enjoy the security and comfort of a safe, earthquake resistant, house.

Fruitvale Christian Fellowship challenged greater Beaver Valley to join with us to build one of these houses in 2011. We are pleased to announce that together we have raised $5000 and have decided not to stop there but to continue and raise money for another house. Thanks to everyone for your generosity. Check out the web site “eachonebuildone.com” Donations can be made to Fruitvale Christian Fellowship, earmark Haiti Arise.

On March 20th of this year, Pastor Jim Reimer led a team to Haiti. While there, working directly with Haiti Arise, they helped build homes for the “each one build one project”, and taught children about hygiene. The highlight of the trip was having the opportunity to hand several families the keys to their new homes.

Here a team member hands over keys

Pastor Jim gives this family keys to their new home

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