We Need To Talk

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A few years ago while traveling in the United States I noticed some highway billboards that caught my attention. The billboards were text messages signed God. The more I noticed these signs the more they intrigued me. I imagined God with his blackberry sending us little messages and I chuckled to myself.
Here are a few of the messages:

C’mon over and bring the kids. God

Need directions? God

That “love thy neighbour thing” I meant it! God

Loved the wedding, invite me to the marriage. God

My way is the highway. God

Don’t make me come down there ! God

I love you, and you, and you… God

Do you have any idea where you’re going? God

We need to talk. God

I think you kind of get the idea from the few I selected. In reality God desires and ongoing conversation with all of us. We some times feel God is far away and unconcerned with our trivial lives, but not so. In Isaiah 1:18 God says “Come now and let us reason together…”. Sounds to me like He would like some dialogue with us. Since the very beginning God’s purpose has been to open the door of relationship. Have you talked to Him lately?

Pastor Bryan Henry

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