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Fall Women’s Conference 2013

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Nyla Henry:

Brought up in a Christian family in New Brunswick, as a young woman Nyla followed God’s call to Quebec, where she was involved in church planting and started to teach school. After eighteen years, the call led west to Kamloops for three years and then to Fruitvale, where she has co-pastored with her husband Bryan and taught school on call for fifteen years. Nyla has one married son, and she is looking forward to being a grandmother in a couple of months.

Wendy Abrey:

Wendy was born and raised here in the Kootenays. She moved to the Okanagan and later to further her education went to Calgary, where she met and married her husband Jim. Wendy is thrilled to share that they have just celebrated 30 years together.

It was through her husband’s family that she dared lower her “walls,” allowing the love of Christ to enter and melt one very icy heart. Wendy will share how the tragedies and the traumas of her young life made this conversion one interesting journey. Now, she lives for Jesus and Jim.

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Violent Times

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I guess this piece is somewhat of a rant, but also a comment on our society. Like most of you, I am concerned about the increase of violent crimes, especially with guns. Now I want to make it clear, I am not against law-abiding citizens owning guns with which they hunt and enjoy other recreational activities. But does the average person really need an assault rifle and equally powerful handgun?

It would appear that our pursuit of freedom and liberty is bordering on anarchy. In order for all to enjoy the fruit of freedom, there must be constraints. People have in the past, and will in the future, kill people; this is not a new development. Are we becoming more violent as a society? Against what time in history would we compare ourselves?

The question we must ask is, are we our brother’s keeper? If we continue to buy into the notion that it’s all about me and to hell with everyone else, I would propose that the slope is slippery and the prognosis not very good. When our freedoms create the monsters we now see played out in the news, it is time to rethink those freedoms. Jesus taught us to love our neighbor, and to take care of the poor, the weak, and the needy. In the words of the pop song, “what the world needs now, is love, sweet love” – and His name is Jesus.

Pastor Bryan Henry

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Carl Wills

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Mel & Carl Wills
Carl has been in the Prophetic Ministry since 1993. He has ministered in Canada, USA, Norway and South Africa. His wife Mel moves in prophetic worship.

Carl serves on the core team of the Pioneer network of Churches and as a prophetic advisor with the Together network. He has a tremendous heart for the poor and just been appointed President of Hope For The Nations UK, a charity working with Orphans and Widows around the world.

Carl’s heart is to see the prophetic encourage individuals, leadership teams and churches. Carl’s is a very personal ministry – he loves Christ’s church. Over the years he has been greatly used by God to bring the “now” word of the Lord into many churches and individual situations.

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Building the Altar with the Stones

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Sharon Rivest shares how God set her free from hardness in her heart.

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Moving the Stones

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Sharon Rivest speaks at the 2011 ladies’ conference about removing what blocks the Spirit’s flow in our hearts.

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